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We work alongside national and international companies

Located in Johannesburg, South Africa, we are dedicated to offering first-world filtration technology to the global mining industry. Our in-house designs & manufacturing of innovative products have become the standard for base metals, precious metals & the coal sector, providing the Highest Possible Quality in compliance to being ISO 9001 accredited.

Meet The Team

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Diverse Approach

Our high level expertise will assist you on with a suitable implementation method for the application.

Professional Teamwork

Providing successful solutions & customer service throughout the process.

Expert Advice

Over 40 years of experience in filtration & electrowinning processing.

Result Based

Optimizing for efficiency and plant performance through research & development.

Filtaquip International Projects

FILTAQUIP’s efficient Customer Service Team is ready to assist you through every step of the process.

Filtaquip has strategic technology and equipment distribution agreements with leading company’s internationally to ensure that we stay abreast with the best dewatering technology in the world.

South Africa

Filtaquip -Filtration - Mining Equipment - South Africa


Filtaquip -Filtration - Mining Equipment - Zambia


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Filtaquip -Filtration - Mining Equipment - Canada


Filtaquip -Filtration - Mining Equipment - South Africa


.iltaquip -Filtration - Mining Equipment - Chile


Filtaquip -Filtration - Mining Equipment - DRC - Congo


Filtaquip -Filtration - Mining Equipment - Ghana


Filtaquip -Filtration - Mining Equipment - India

FILTAQUIP is the global leading supplier of Filtration Equipment, Plants and Services for the precious metal, base metal and coal industries and solid-liquid separation in the municipal and private sectors. Other important business segments include Customer Service, After Sales and Repairs & Upgrades.

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