filtaquip plant1


Filtaquip is a leading provider of filtration and electrowinning equipment to the global market.

We have been involved in many projects, including recovering of effluent water and treating of slimes dams. 

What puts us aside from the competition is our commitment, not only to the quality of our products, but to the satisfaction of our clients as well.


Major features of our equipment:


  • We are the only company employing high pressure technology, ensuring that hard to filter fines are dehydrated efficiently.

  • Filtaquip's High Pressure Technology (HPT) allows for 20- 30 minute press cycles, with a product moisture content less than 20% on average.

  • Filtaquip fully automated presses clear in less than 5 minutes, from stop feed to start feed.

  • Filtaquip's patented gasser/shaker system ensures excellent automatic plate cleaning.

  • Specialised filter cloth knowledge allows us to select the right filter cloth for the medium to be filtered, ensuring correct matching of aperture size with cloth permeability giving you the clearest filtrate and lowest residual moisture in your filter cake.

  • Our double casing centrifugal pumps allow for exceptional performance, obtaining improved mud dehydration and an operating pressure up to 16 bar.



  • Electrode frames are required to exhibit dimensional stability in high temperature, highly corrosive and impact prone environments, with Filtaquip’s modified polymers dimensional stability is maintained in harsh conditions.

  • Filtaquip capping boards are designed to hang anodes and cathodes in the best possible position, thus minimising damage to electrowinning cells and permitting easy handling of the electrodes.

  • Anode insulators have the basic function of maximising the separation between anode-anode and anode-cathode, acting as a submerged capping board.

  • Filtaquip specialises in custom designed electrowinning membrane bags. We have state of the art testing, research, development and manufacturing facilities that enable us to customise membrane bags to suit any client’s application.