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Floculant Agitators

Agitators - Double Impellers for Improved Mixing

Flocculant plants are responsible for taking various materials mixed together and separating them through a process known as flocculation. In order to do this properly and efficiently, dual impeller agitators can be used to enhance the process.

These agitators are specifically designed for this purpose and use two separate impellers for proper mixing, thus reducing the probability of clumps of flocculant forming inside the tanks.

The primary benefit of using dual impeller agitators for flocculant plants is that it improves the overall mixing process. Traditional flocculant plants use only a single impeller, one mounted at the centre of the tank. This is effective, however it does not create a consistent and thorough mixing throughout the tank. With dual impeller agitators, two separate impellers are used, located at opposite ends of the tank.

This creates a more thorough and efficient mixing process, with the two impellers working together to ensure that all parts of the mixture are well mixed. Another advantage of these agitators is that they help reduce the risk of clumping.

As traditional flocculant plants often use only one impeller, there is a higher chance of clumps of flocculant forming inside the tanks. With dual impeller agitators, the two impellers work together to create a more uniform flow of the material, thus reducing this risk.

In conclusion, dual impeller agitators are an integral part of a flocculant plant, offering improved mixing and lower clumping risks.

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