Membrane Bags

ElectrowinningMembrane Bags Cathode Bags Low Permeability material assists in providing optimum pH conditions for metal growth. Anode Bags 100% POLYESTER HIGH-TWIST YARN Customised Membrane Bags. Quality Manufactured & Rigorously Tested by Filtaquip Cathode Bags Anode Bags

Electrowinning Frames

Cathode & Anode Frames Custom, Rigorously Tested & High Quality In- House Manufactured Frames Filtaquip electrowinning frames are trusted in Internationally recognised refineries Modified polymers Provides The Necessary Stability in high temperature, highly corrosive & impact prone environments. Each frame manufactured by Filtaquip is Quality Checked before being supplied Filtaquip In-house Manufactured frames are fabricated …

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Anode Insulators

ElectrowinningAnode Insulator Custom, Rigorously Tested & High Quality Anode Insulators Improve Current Efficiency & Recovery Reduce the formation of nodules Proven to Reduce Short Circuiting Designed for Efficient Flow Filtaquip will Customise Insulators for all applications All custom fabricated Anode Insulators are quality checked during manufacturing

Cell Top Furniture

ElectrowinningCell Top Furniture & Busbars Custom, Rigorously Tested & High Quality Capping Boards & Busbars Capping Boards are Suitable for Electrowinning & Electrorefining Processes Modified for excellent dimensional stability Vinyl Ester ensures Corrosion, Heat & Impact Resistance Minimising Damage to electrowining cells & allow for easy handling of electrodes Custom Fabrication to requirements & applications …

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