Due to the intricate weld of copper to stainless steel or titanium, this process has been simplified by welding stainless steel / titanium directly to stainless steel / titanium by utilizing cladded bar technology.

The copper bars are now cladded with stainless steel or titanium by means of a mechanical extrusion bonding process.

Through this process the copper and stainless steel / titanium become a unity with added benefits as:

  • Increased conductivity

  • Increased production due to simplicity of the weld

  • Increased corrosion resistance

  • Strengthens the hanger bar

  • Increases overall durability


Cathode Blade Technology

Filtaquip uses only proven quality stainless steel / titanium blades for each cathode manufactured. The cathode blades are welded to the hanger bars by robotic welding, This process has many added benefits:

  • Manufactured from 316L Stainless Steel, Titanium or Duplex Alloys
  • Customised Designs to Suit Client Requirements.
  • Robotically welded for consistency and strength
  • Production time decreased due to similar metals
  • Cold rolled 2B finish for ease of copper stripping
  • Increased conductivity due to continuous welds
  • Welds are more corrosive resistant
  • Dimensional stability to entire cathode
  • Blades can either be welded directly to the bottom of the hanger bar or bent to clients specifications. Lifting brackets or lifting windows can also be manufactured into the design for ease of automated cathode handling.

Unique Exposed Contact Area

Filtaquip offers there unique hanger bar exposed section which offers the following benefits:

  • Solid copper hanger bar encased in 316L stainless steel ensures high conductivity and low electrical resistance.
  • Cladded hanger bar ensures that similar materials are welded
  • Co-extruded bar is protected from acid degradation
  • Mechanical co-extrusion process of manufacturing hanger bar ensures that no fillers are required to create bond between stainless steel and copper.
  • Copper ends are exposed as per clients specification
  • The stainless steel ends are still enclosed and only contact area is exposed
  • Increasing durability and strength
  • Hanger bar ends do not bend due to repeated use and removal from tankhouse
  • Corrosion resistance from dripping when removing from tankhouse


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