De-watering equipment

De-watering equipment

Ideal for large water flows, they have a limited height and a large surface area.

With the filter presses, the result is clear filtrate suitable for recycling into the process or further processing and a dehydrated filter cake which is easy to handle.

Filtaquip makes extensive use of High Pressure Technology (HPT) in this area that contributes to the overall success of our equipment.

More pressure means improved results.

In order to achieve this result you will need a HPT hydraulic power unit.

With the use of  Filtaquip’s HPT results in quicker cycles times and low residual moisture.

De-watering equipment

The perfect match between simplicity of design and mechanical integrity.

Process control has produced a range of fully-automated De-watering equipment

These are simple and reliable to operate and maintain also while providing class leading productivity and operational costs.

We design and  manufacture innovative products in South Africa that have become the standard in the industry.

Electrowinning frames as well as membrane materials and anode insulators.

Capping boards are all manufactured under stringent ISO9001 quality standards.

Filtaquips partnership with a high technology partner in Italy and a leading Chilean manufacturer of electrowinning components.

This ensures continuous evolution of our filtration technology as well as equipment.

Filtration systems are predominantly aimed at the recycling and recovering of plant effluent water by producing clean water that is suitable for re-use.

This produces a dry cake that is easy to handle.

The only way to achieve this is to form long relationships with your business which is only possible through Filtaquips service excellence.

Filtaquips after sales service is legendary and we ensure that our customers have a pleasant experience with our equipment.

At Filtaquip our quality is not negotiable.

Filtaquip only offers the best international brand names which ensures product features and performance benefits exceeding that of our competitors.

De-watering equipment

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