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FiltaFloc Plant Series

The FiltaFloc plant is a purpose-built unit for the mixing of anionic, cationic or non-ionic solid grade polymer with water for use as flocculants for the treatment of various slurries in the mining, chemical and industrial industries.


The flocculant make-up tank automatically makes up batches of the dilute solution before discharging into the intermediate tank by means of an electrically actuated control valve. The Intermediate tank then overflows from bottom to top into the dosing tank to ensure no short-circuiting exists within the FiltaFloc plant.



A standard skid-mounted transportable sized modular unit, the FiltaFloc plant is designed to mix solid grade polymer flocculants with water to provide dilute solutions. The dilute flocculant would normally be dosed into the flowline by a positive displacement, infinitely variable speed, peristaltic pump. The size of the pump required will depend upon the site requirements.

Filtaquip | Mineral Processing Solutions