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The FiltaFloc plant, developed by Filtaquip Pty Ltd, is a purpose-built system designed to facilitate the mixing of solid grade polymer with water. This innovative solution serves as a flocculant for treating various slurries in mining, chemical, and industrial applications. By effectively combining the solid grade polymer with water, the FiltaFloc plant enables the formation of dilute solutions that can be utilized for efficient flocculation processes.

At the heart of the FiltaFloc plant is the flocculant make-up tank, where batches of dilute solution are automatically prepared. This tank is equipped with a valve that is controlled by electricity, allowing for precise control over the discharge of the dilute solution into the intermediate tank. This automated process ensures consistency and accuracy in the preparation of the flocculant solution.

To maintain optimal flow dynamics and prevent short-circuiting within the FiltaFloc plant, the intermediate tank is designed to overflow into the dosing tank. This overflow occurs from the bottom of the intermediate tank to the top of the dosing tank, ensuring that the flocculant solution is effectively distributed and mixed before being dosed into the desired process.

The FiltaFloc plant is designed to be a standard skid-mounted unit, making it transportable and easy to install in various locations. This portability allows for flexibility in deployment, ensuring that the system can be readily adapted to different site requirements. Whether it is a mining operation, chemical plant, or industrial facility, the FiltaFloc plant can be efficiently integrated into the existing infrastructure.

One of the key components of the FiltaFloc plant is the peristaltic pump, which plays a crucial role in dosing the dilute flocculant solution into the flow line. This pump offers infinitely variable speed and displacement, providing precise control over the dosing process. The pump size can be customized based on the specific requirements of the site, ensuring that the FiltaFloc plant can cater to a wide range of flow rates and treatment volumes.

Overall, the FiltaFloc plant from Filtaquip Pty Ltd is a comprehensive and efficient solution for the mixing and dosing of solid grade polymer flocculants. Its purpose-built design, automated operation, and flexibility make it an ideal choice for mining, chemical, and industrial applications. With the ability to produce dilute flocculant solutions accurately and efficiently, the FiltaFloc plant contributes to improved treatment processes, enhanced productivity, and optimized results in various industries.

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