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Flocculant Plant

FiltaFloc Plant Series

The FiltaFloc plant is a purpose-built system for mixing solid grade polymer with water for use as flocculant for the treatment of various slurries in mining, chemical, and industrial applications.

In the flocculant make-up tank, batches of dilute solution are automatically made up and discharged into the intermediate tank by a valve controlled by electricity. In order to prevent short-circuiting within the FiltaFloc plant, the Intermediate tank then overflows into the Dosing tank from bottom to top.

The FiltaFloc plant is a standard skid-mounted, transportable-sized unit designed for mixing solid grade polymer flocculants with water so that dilute solutions are obtained. A peristaltic pump that offers infinitely variable speed and displacement doses the dilute flocculant into the flow line. Pump size depends on the site requirements.

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