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Filter Presses

Filter pressses

Since Filtaquip launched its own locally designed and constructed Filter Presses, these dewatering equipment have gained a reputation for being reliable and versatile in various industries and applications. Filtaquip specializes in designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining Filter Presses, allowing them to tailor the equipment to meet specific requirements.


The Filter Presses offered by Filtaquip come with a range of features and benefits that enhance their performance and efficiency. The presses are made of single-block steel from thick slabs, ensuring durability and robustness. They are fabricated using advanced technologies which ensures precision and high-quality construction.


One notable feature of Filtaquip’s Filter Presses is the option for filtrate discharge through external launders or internally. This flexibility allows for seamless integration into different filtration systems. The Filter Presses also incorporate trusted branded components from major manufacturers, ensuring reliable operation and easy availability of spare parts.


Stainless steel accessories further enhance the durability and corrosion resistance of the Filter Presses. They are equipped with quick shift technology, enabling swift and efficient shifting of filter plates during operation. This feature helps to reduce downtime and increase productivity. The automatic filter plate shaking feature ensures perfect cake release, preventing clogging and improving filtration efficiency.


The electronic control system of Filtaquip’s Filter Presses allows for precise and automated control of all operational parameters. This feature enhances ease of use and optimizes filtration processes for efficient and reliable dewatering.


One of the notable advantages of Filtaquip’s Filter Presses is their ability to achieve fully automatic filter cake clearing. This feature significantly reduces the press cycle time, improving overall productivity and throughput.


Filtaquip’s Filter Presses find application in various industries and processes. They are suitable for coal dewatering, base metals processing, precious metals recovery, and chemical applications. The presses can also be used in flue gas desulphurization (FGD) systems for solid-liquid separation and in sand and gravel sludge dewatering processes. Additionally, they are ideal for tailings dewatering for “dry stacking,” an environmentally friendly approach to managing mine tailings.


In terms of technology, Filtaquip’s Filter Presses incorporate several advanced features. The Q-Shift Technology enables quick shifting of filter plates, reducing downtime and improving productivity. The Dual Feed system allows for efficient distribution of slurry during the filtration process. The Static Plate Shaker ensures effective cake release from the filter cloth. Fast Approach Cylinders enable swift and precise closing of the press for filtration operations.


The Filter Presses also utilize high-pressure pumps to generate the necessary pressure for dewatering. The pumps are designed to handle the demanding requirements of the filtration process effectively.


To optimize filtration performance, Filtaquip offers specialized filter cloth technology. The filter cloths are designed to provide optimal filtration efficiency, cake release, and durability, ensuring consistent and reliable operation.


Filtaquip’s locally designed and constructed Filter Presses have become trusted equipment for dewatering applications. With their adaptability, performance, and reliability, these presses find application in various industries and processes. The incorporation of advanced features and technologies enhances their functionality, productivity, and ease of use. Whether it’s coal dewatering, metals processing, or tailings dewatering, Filtaquip’s Filter Presses provide effective and efficient solutions for solid-liquid separation needs.

Filtaquip's Filter Press

Filter Pressses
Features & Benefits:
  • All made of single-block steel from thick slabs
  • Fabricated using plasma, laser or water-jet technology
  • Filtrate is discharged through external launders or internally
  • Trusted branded components from major manufacturers
  • Stainless steel accessories
  • Quick Shift technology
  • Automatic filter plate shaking for
  • perfect cake release
  • Automatic cloth washing
  • Electronic control of all systems
  • Fully automatic filter cake clearing
  • Reduced Press cycle time
  • Cake washing ability


  • Q-Shift Technology
  • Dual Feed
  • Static Plate Shaker
  • Fast Approach Cylinders
  • Filter Cloth Technology
  • Robust Structural Design
  • External Filtrate Outlet
  • High Pressure Pumps
  • Cake Drying Technology

Main applications:

  • Coal
  • Base metals
  • Precious metals
  • Chemical applications
  • Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD)
  • Sand & gravel sludge dewatering
  • Tailings Dewatering for “dry stacking”
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