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Flocculant Plant

Flocculant Plants

The mining industry is one of the main sources of revenue for many countries around the world.The reason for this is that mining companies are capable of extracting a vast amount of minerals and metals from the earth.There is no doubt that mining companies are always looking for new ways to improve efficiency and make their operations more profitable in order to remain competitive.There are several innovations that have been developed by mining companies in past few decades, one of which is the flocculant plant.

The Flocculant Plant

A flocculant plant is a machine that uses chemicals to combine with particles found in water, so that they can be removed from the liquid. These plants are typically used in environments where large amounts of minerals are extracted from underground mines or quarries. In addition, large volumes of wastewater are being produced as a result of these industrial activities.

Filtaquip’s Flocculant Plants are equipped with a dedicated in-field control panel with a human-machine interface. Through an electric actuated control valve, the flocculant make-up tank automatically prepares diluted solutions before conveying them to the intermediate tank. To prevent short circuiting within the FiltaFloc plant, the Intermediate tank overflows from bottom to top into the Dosing tank.

Once it is set up, the flocculant plant automatically doses and makes up flocculant.

How Does A Flocculant Plant Work?

The basic idea behind a flocculant plant is fairly simple: it applies chemicals such as polyelectrolytes to particles found in water, which cause them to stick together into larger clumps known as flocks. In the dewatering of tailings this normally happens in large tanks such as thickeners/clarifer tanks. Once these clumps have formed they settle at the bottom of the tanks and can be discharged using specialized pumps for further processing or storage.

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Mineral Processing Solutions
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