Filtaquip supplies high-quality filter press plates and technology from leading suppliers across the world, adding to a complete water purification system.

We believe in long standing client relationships and are committed to providing excellent service and quality products. We believe in offering world class technology to our clients. Generally most of our customer relationships span 15 years or longer.

We continue to build on these relationships as well as add new clients each year. Geographically Filtaquip has marketed products to sub-Saharan and West Africa, Australia, Europe and Brazil.

The dewatering of solids can be achieved using various techniques, including centrifuges, belt filter presses as well as membrane chamber filter presses. Selecting the final filtration method is based on quality requirements and the degree of filter cake dryness.

At Filtaquip, we offer specialised services in terms of filter plate supply. We will come to site and measure your existing plates and quote accordingly.

Filterpress-plate Filtaquip

The Following Plates Form Part of Our Scope of Supply:

  • Auto filter plates

  • Filter press plates

  • Disc filter segments

  • Plate and frame filter plates

  • Leaf filter plates


Filtaquip Covers Sub-Saharan and West Africa, Australia, Europe and Brazil