Test Work Services

We Offer Test Work Services With Results

We offer a comprehensive range of slurry  filtration services. The Filtaquip team has extensive experience in operating pilot plants for test work, coupled with experienced design work suited for the application, to deliver innovative engineering solutions to the mining, metallurgical and other industries

Pilot Plant Testing


Dewater and Wash (if applicable) as well as we offer numerous ways in which to dry a filter cake further

Can be used for batch production of filter cake

Mini Version
Of A
Real Filter Press

Conduct Filter Press test work using one of our portable skid mounted pilot plants

Results of test work campaigns are used to size and design full scale filter press units




Able to conduct lab pressure filtration test work

Used to test limited sample volumes

Portable LPF (Lab Pressure Filter) can be taken to site.

Results are used to indicate filtration rates & filter cloth selection

We Can Handle Samples With Any pH & Temperature

Laboratory Testing



Test Work Results

  • Test work results are compiled and summarised in a test work report and handed over to clients

  • Many years of test work experience

  • Taken to site or done at our premises

  • International clients can send through samples accompanied with an MSDS